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First Unit Finally Closes at Tribeca's Long-Delayed V33

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We knew Winka Dubbeldam could do it! It took about a million years for Vestry Street building V33 to reveal itself (okay, not quite: it hit the market way back in spring 2007). But it finally hit its stride (maybe with help from Lady Gaga?)?as of May, every unit was in contract. And now the first one has closed! Apartment #4 (floorplan above), once asking $6.45 million, has sold for $5,294,900. The buyers are Paula and Craig Sutter?perhaps the same Paula Sutter who is president of Diane Von Furstenberg. Say it with us: Dubbel-dam!
· Listing: 33 Vestry Street 4th Floor [BHS]
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33 Vestry Street

33 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013