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Bloomberg Critic's Brooklyn Bridge Park Review, in Free Verse

Archicritic James S. Russell has a lot of kind words to say about landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh's reworking of Brooklyn Bridge Park, some of them downright flowery. It got us feeling rather poetic, in fact, so sit back while we excerpt a few key phrases:

Romantically crenellated Brooklyn Heights
Gurgling watercourse, children romping
A riot of planting
Whimsically looping paths
Naked steel warehouse against the Manhattan skyline, the slap
of river waves
receding racket of the highway.
Oil barges thrummed peacefully by
calm may not survive
the hunger for recreation.
The massive ridge built up of salvaged boulders: big, willful gesture
confronts the post-industrial nature of the place.

Creative writing class, dismissed!
· Waterfront Ruin Morphs Into $350 Million Brooklyn Park [Bloomberg News]

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201