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$11M Greenwich Village Townhouse Revealed as 149 West 10th

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Looks like we've narrowed down the location of yesterday's mystery townhouse, at least to one block on West 10th Street (prime Greenwich Village, check!). Guessers chimed in with 150 West 10th Street and 151 West 10th Street, but the real victor is 149 West 10th Street, which last sold for $3.1 million, unrenovated, in 2004. The townhouse was built in 1833, then "rebuilt and renovated" in 2008 (which makes the "newly built" descriptor a tad misleading). When it was pulled off the market about a year ago, it was last listed at a full $2 million more, for $12.5 million, down from an original price of $13,950,000. Which makes the current ask of $10,995,000 a relative 22% off bargain, no?

Another tipster wrote in suggested another street entirely: "I am 99% convinced this is the house located at 32 Perry... I lived there for 4/5 years in the nineties." That particular 1845 Greek Revival townhouse closed for $9.1 million in 2007 and a relative ringer for 149 West 10th, but we've got to stick with clues pointing to the latter. Mystery: solved!
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