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Lawsuit-Scarred Plaza 'Attic' Now Asking Just $33.5 Million

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People are making record multi-million dollar deals at the Plaza again, but PH2009 may have received too much bad press to return to the stratosphere. The penthouse was the subject of Russian dude Andrei Vavilov's fraud lawsuit against the Plaza's developers back in 2008. To recap: Vavilov had signed a contract to pay a total of $53.5 million for two penthouses, but he decided the penthouses were "attic-like" and didn't have the views and ceiling heights he was promised. The Plaza sued him in return, Vavilov agreed to put his deposit toward the smaller of the two penthouses (which he then resold), and PH2009 was left languishing, buyer-less. It finally returned to market in April at $37.5 million, an ask that got a $4 million chop yesterday. The fresh price is $33.5 million. Still hefty?but then, the attic does have park views. Check out the whole place in our old gallery.

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