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Nolita Shake Shack Lot Gets a Mysterious Drilling

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The little lot at the corner of Prince and Mulberry was once slated for a Shake Shack, but a local commando killed that Nolita dream. For the past year and a half the site has been quiet, with no action beyond the improvised umbrella installation that popped up after a wild spring storm. But change is in the air! Now that the annual San Gennaro shitshow gourmet feast is over, things are gearing up at this empty plot across from Old St. Patrick's Cathedral.

A few weeks back a boring crew from Jersey started drilling down for soil samples. More recently a permit was issued for test pits, and a big machine started digging holes in the empty lot. The work permit lists Julie Louzon as the owner, but the deed on record shows it's still owned by Neil Bender, the heir to the vast William Gottlieb real estate empire. So far, our emails remain unanswered, but old-timers on Mulberry Street are whispering that something French is in the future, though nothing is substantiated. (Hint: our tipline is all ears.) Let's just hope it's not another IHOP.
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