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Big Reveal: Airy 1-BR Corner Loft in Tribeca

And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game.

The Location: 130 Watts Street #1S
Asking: $1,400,000
As expected, several commenters were outraged by the "two level" floorplan: "Do you really need a 'loft plan' to show a friggin' elevated bed? I'm taking $100,000 of the price just for the ridiculousness." The trappings didn't get much love, either ("Million dollar property with a dime store kitchen!"). Still, Tribeca lofts are at a premium, and while most of the guesses hovered around $1,295,000, a couple of stragglers estimated above $1.4 million. Still, as this is essentially a large ground floor studio with very tall ceilings, we wouldn't be surprised at a pricechop in #1S's future.
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