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Damon Dash's Foreclosed Tribeca Loft Now Wants $8.25M

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Down-on-his-luck hip hop mogul Damon Dash lost his duplex at Tribeca's Atalanta in a July 2010 foreclosure auction. The buyer, Edward Farrell of Platinum Capital, spent $5.5 million on the property and attempted a flip after only a few months (it took some time for Dash's ex-wife to leave), relisting the condo for $7.995 million. It came off the market in December 2010 without selling, but hey, if at first you don't succeed?raise your price! The apartment is back and asking $8.25 million. There are some fresh photos this time around?take a look in the gallery above.
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· Listing: 25 North Moore Street, 3/4A [Elliman]

25 North Moore Street

25 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013