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Con-Edison Not Being Good Neighbor to 184 Kent

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[Photos by William Weber.]

After several reader emails written to the effect of "WTF is happening at the Con-Ed site on Kent Avenue and South 1st Street?", we sent intrepid intern William Weber over the Williamsburg Bridge to find out. Sure enough, the whole thing is being razed: three retired fuel tanks, concrete foundation, and imported backfill, returning the site to "legal grade." A construction worker at the site spilled that the energy company is clearing the site to sell off to a developer.

Next-door neighbors at 184 Kent are none too pleased. One tipster writes:

"I'm a resident of 184 Kent Avenue and was told development/ construction/ redevelopment [of the Con Ed plant currently being demolished] would not start or take place for up to 3 years. I now wake up to the sound of a Transformers movie outside my window."
No response so far from the Con Edison development team, but updates as we get them.
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184 Kent

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