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Craziest Rendering of 2008 Becomes Least Crazy of 2011

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Paging 2008. 2008, do you copy? We'd like 5 Franklin Place back, please. Dutch architect Ben van Berkel's black and bendy vision was our favorite crazy rendering of 2008, and with good reason. But the building never rose above two stories thanks to mortgage issues, and after several twists and turns, Israeli firm Fishman Holdings picked up the property in September. They planned for luxury condos, and The Real Deal gets the first peek at the new design. Details: there will be 19 stories and 58 units?no word on pricing yet?with construction to start in the first quarter of 2012. It appears the new Richard DeMarco design forgot the fun. Sadface.
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5 franklin place

5 franklin place, New York, NY 10013