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Could Tappan Zee Bridge be the Next High Line? Probably Not

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High Line imitations have already sprung up on the west coast, but here's a possible one a bit closer to home: the Tappan Zee Bridge. Yes, really. The bridge's repair or replacement was recently fast-tracked to allow work to start as early as 2012, but one Westchester County official would prefer that the new bridge not be so much like a bridge at all. Instead, Greenburgh town supervisor Paul Feiner has suggested a pedestrian walkway?perhaps, as the Times notes, more like the repurposed Poughkeepsie-Highline Railroad Bridge, now the 1.28-mile Walkway Over the Hudson, than the High Line?arguing that it would save all those demolition costs.

Of course, it's not exactly an easy idea to execute. The county executive has already recommended demolition of the bridge and is unlikely to go for an alternative. Some opponents are afraid the bridge's three-mile length and 20 percent grade might be too much for many walkers. Still, the world could always use a few more High Lines.
?Photo by Brett Weinstein.
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Tappan Zee Bridge

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