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Related Exec Cuts Price on $16M Customized UES Penthouse

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Related Companies president Jeff Blau and family outgrew their space at the Robert A.M. Stern-designed Chatham with the arrival of Blau progeny #2, and Blau put his customized penthouse on the market in April. The $18.9 million ask was in line, the broker said at the time, with some unsolicited offers on the property, which Blau had personalized with a 23-foot-high glass-walled dining room and a stainless steel staircase (no wonder he was turned down at 820 Fifth). But perhaps those buyers lost interest after their first offers, because no one came back to bid on the real listing. It came off the market in late September, and now it's back with a new broker?and a trimmed price. The fresh ask is $15.775 million.
· Listing: 181 East 65th Street [BHS]
· Related Exec Hopes His Penthouse Will Fetch $18.9 Million [Curbed]

The Chatham

181 East 65th Street, New York, NY