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The Dakota's Most Confused Apartment Now $1 Million Less

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As a general rule, what's downright hideous in other apartment buildings passes as "unique" and frankly kind of awesome in Curbed favorite The Dakota: take this 10-room apartment once owned by Ilon Specht, a former advertising bigwig once described by Malcolm Gladwell as "loud and emphatic" who coined the L'Oreal tagline "Because I'm worth it." The pad—swagged out in everything from metallic paint and floor pillows (living room) to fusty florals (bedroom)—has been on the market for a whopping 1,806 days. In its five years of listings, the ask has been pricechopped four times, now $14.5 million from the initial $18.5 million. The maintenance is pretty high (and don't forget to factor in metallic paint upkeep) and the co-op board notoriously tough, but we're talking 4,500 square feet of Dakota for the taking. As L'Oreal might say: worth it?
· Listing: 1 West 72nd Street #46 [StreetEasy]
· Listing: 1 West 72nd Street #46 [Warburg Realty]

The Dakota

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