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Partying on the High Line With Purple Light, Seasonal Donuts

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

The Event: A party on the Chelsea Market Passage of the High Line celebrating the publication of the High Line’s new book, High Line: The Inside Story of New York City's Park in the Sky. (We'll be back soon with more on the book itself.)

Who Was There: Lots of High Line benefactors, the authors, some press.

What We Ate/Drank: Little bacon-flavored biscuits, little apple-flavored donuts, fondue, something with bleu cheese and hazelnut, cranberry and apple cider/vodka drinks.

What Color Light We Were Bathed In: Purple.

Music: Unobtrusive techno.

How Many Books the Two Authors Signed: A lot.

Free Books Given Out: Zero.

Disappointment: Mild to very mild.
We're saving our own review until we've actually read the book, but there have been a few early raves:

"The story of the struggle by two young men to create the High Line is a story of perseverance, determination, and courage."?Robert A. Caro

"There is no more miraculous and important and gratifying piece of new American urban design than the High Line. What's more, how it was conjured into existence is a compelling story."?Kurt Anderson

So, is anyone not over the moon about this book?
?Jeremiah Budin