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Vinoly's Superscraper Will Reach 1,300 Feet, Cost $1 Billion

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Here now, some real figures for the city's soon-to-be-tallest residential tower, the CIM Group-developed, Rafael Vinoly-designed Drake Hotel-killer in Midtown East. The Wall Street Journal reports that architectural plans reveal a "1,300-foot tall, slender condo and retail complex" with 128 condos that feature 12-foot high ceilings, plus a "5,000 square foot, partially covered, driveway to ensure privacy and amenities like golf training facilities and private dining and screening rooms." Total cost: $1 billion. Completion date: who the hell knows! And hmmm, no mention of that glass cube.

Some previous rumormongering put the number at 1,420 feet, and while we now know that's a bit lofty, the vague rendering in the Journal's piece isn't far off from that WiredNY thread (boxy yet slim, symmetrical square windows down the four facades).

And to erase any further remainder of the Drake Hotel, the project's official address has changed from the old 50 East 57th Street to the new 432 Park Avenue, scrubbed clean of any Harry Macklowe/demolition associations.
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432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY Visit Website

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY