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Elaine's Buildings Could Double in Size Under New Owner's Plan

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Contrary to the initial rumors about the future of the Elaine's buildings at 1703-1705 Second Avenue, it doesn't sound like the buyer plans to tear the two structures down after all. The Post has a little more intel today on what that buyer, now identified as Robert Skolnick, does plan to do with the place.

Each building is currently 7,425 square feet, and Skolnick's purchase included air rights that allow for 18,750 square feet. So the current 16 apartments could be getting a few new neighbors?but Skolnick promises that the current tenants, including the rent-controlled ones, will be allowed to stick around. The deal is set to close at the end of the year. The ask on the two addresses was $9.5 million; the Post has the sale price as "more than $8.4 million."
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