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630 Park Avenue Penthouse Expansion Gets Thumbs Up

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The Landmark Preservation Commission approved developers’ plans this week to ever-so-slightly enlarge the penthouse at 630 Park Avenue. The LPC praised architectural firm Brandes Maselli’s proposal, calling it “subtle and restrained” with “minimal visibility.” As you can see from the above rendering, the plans are mostly centered on coloring in the penthouse, which is currently black and white. Ha ha! Just kidding. They’re going to add a bunch of windows!
We knew this day would come. The penthouse was on the market for years as raw space?so raw that the price fell from $17 million to $6.5 million before the apartment finally sold for $7.616 million. We expect the new owners will get going on the renovation soon, given the $7,287/month they're paying in maintenance.

Here's another view of the new plan:

?Jeremiah Budin
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