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Priciest Nabe For Eating Out?; Inside The Smith Midtown

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1.) Meatpacking District: So what's the most expensive neighborhood in the city, as determined by price of restaurants? Well, if like most English readers, you read left to right, you can guess it's the Meatpacking District. The cheapest? Chinatown and FiDi.

2.) Midtown: Take a look inside the new Midtown location of East Village hotspot The Smith, complete with soaring wooden ceilings. Looks like the new place can fit 200 people between the bar and the main dining area.

3.) Brooklyn, duh: GQ's Alan Richman just dubbed Brooklyn the "coolest city on the planet." To what does the borough owe this distinction? Why, its "fine-ass dining", of course! Well, that and Cesar Ramirez's Brooklyn Fare.
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