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Vital Question: Which Development Has the Worst TV Spot?

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The internet is buzzing about that horrible One Brooklyn Bridge Park commercial which features what is possibly the most scorn-worthy animated couple in the history of animated couples (and possibly in the history of non-animated couples as well). It got us thinking—out of the three development commercials (not to be confused with commercial developments) that we can think of, which one is the worst?

Is it One Brooklyn Bridge’s asshole couple? (No explanation necessary.)

Is it Arris Lofts’ showering elephant? (Clearly that elephant is a tiny elephant, but you know what? GOOD. Who the hell wants a shower big enough for an elephant? Are you calling us fat, Arris Lofts?)

Or is it this weird mock-1930s war bonds advertisement (or something) that the Williamsburg Edge decided to make? (“Hey, you know what people love? Nostalgia.” “Nostalgia for what?” “Uh? I don’t know. World War II?”)

The Edge also made this commercial, which features a girl with ATTITUDE. You know about attitude, right? It's that thing that makes you walk around as if you've never worn shoes before. Hardcore.

You decide! Which one makes you puke the hardest? Who’s the worst? Well, besides Steven and Vanessa, who are a physical embodiment of the word ‘worst.’ Who’s the second worst?

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-Jeremiah Budin

Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101