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Is Lower East Harlem on the Park Surpassing Its Wildest Dreams?

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Confirming what New York Magazine picked up on a few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal tackles the phenomenon of buyers willing to stoop so low as to buy on upper Fifth Avenue. The former "no-go zone for buyers seeking white-glove luxury" has seen a bevy of activity so bustling it'll make the most clenched-on-tight monocle hit the floor. So without further ado, let's check in on the buildings that made life above 96th a reality for so many buyers on a budget.

1.) 1280 Fifth Avenue: Sitting riiight where Central Park is about to top off, the Robert A.M Stern designed beauty is chugging along pretty well. And let's not forget the buyer that paid $1,756 per square foot for to pick up a penthouse in the building. Oh, and the African Museum of Art should finally be opening by the end of next year.

2.) 1255 Fifth Avenue may always serve as a reminder of the dark days a few years back, but sales in the building are actually looking pretty darn good. There are only three units available in the building, all asking just a hair above $1,000 per square foot. Hell, things are so good somebody even paid $5,290,000 for a ginormous combo unit.

3.) Don't think we forgot about 1212 Fifth Ave., the Durst led conversion of an old Mount Sinai building. Six listings are in contract, with prices reaching as high as over $5M. No need to panic, there are still 18 units on the market including that $8,000,000 penthouse.

4.) 1200 Fifth Avenue, the Emery Roth designed condo began sales back in 2006 and things have been going slow and steady with sales prices averaging at a high $1,839 per square foot. The remaining 9 units are a bit of a bargain in that case, asking $1,700 per square foot. Let's see if this one sells out.
Reaching High on Upper Fifth [WSJ

1212 Fifth Avenue

1212 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

1280 Fifth Avenue

1280 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10029