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Tribeca Loft for $518 Per Square Foot? Do Go On...

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The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.
What/Where: 5,800 square foot loft (though our math says 5,000) on Thomas Street in Tribeca.
Looks Good, Right? This place looks like it has a lot going on for it, according to the listing the "spectacular space features 14' ceilings, huge skylight, exposed brick walls, original cast-iron columns, 2 full bathrooms + north and south exposures." Nice, nice. We like what we're seeing. But what's really appealing is the price. $3,000,000 for a 5,800 square foot space in Tribeca? That's pretty sweet no matter how you slice it.
The Catch: So, all that square footage? Well, a big chunk of it is basement space. Yeah, the windowless, depressing kind of basement space. It's hard to say how useful the basement would be, but it would make a nice rec room! Even with nearly half the property being subterranean, the price might still be pretty attractive to some buyers, no?

· 84 Thomas Street [Halstead]