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Learning to Love Your Loft Over the Years

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So what happens when you want “something with small Victorian spaces, maybe a little railroad flat" but actually end up buying an 1,800 square foot loft with none of the charm because you bought based on the floorplan? Heather Chaplin soon found out, with her unlucky move-in date of September 12 2001 planting the lemon tree for the lemonade she would be making over the years. After a separation, she realized she was living in the $400,000 apartment alone and decided to take in short term roommates to offset some of the cost of living. She's slowly made the place her own over the years, though it's hard for us to see how hard it could be to love an 1,800 square foot loft in Park Slope. But it looks like she came around, “I didn’t come to love the apartment until after my husband and I were separated. Before, I hated the place, just hated it. It took a year to redo it and make it mine. But now I’ve come to peace with the apartment. I dread the day I can’t afford to live here anymore.”
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