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One57 Starts Quietly Selling Units at $6,000/Square Foot

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Nothing like a little pre-official-sales chatter to increase the hype about a big building like Extell's One57. But hey, we're a bit obsessed with the building ourselves, so we'll bite. Mystery sources in the know tell The Real Deal that sales have unofficially begun at the 95-unit building (which sits atop a hotel)?and pricing starts around $6,000/square foot. The number's not a total shocker: after all, rumors have been floating about those $98.5 million penthouse units for a few months now.

So far, the mystery source says, the buyers are foreign, most hailing from China, Brazil, and Russia. Given the location and buyer mix, brokers say, the building may be a bit more of a Time Warner Center competitor than a Gehry competitor, even though 8 Spruce Street is the building it will overtake in height. The source's information certainly matches the most recent market report stats on foreign buyers; as for the pricing, we eagerly await the first official listings.
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157 West 57th St.

157 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019