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Another Year, Another 160 Imlay Residential Conversion Rumor

Just in time for a Halloween, a nice little back-from-the-dead story: Red Hook's beleaguered warehouse 160 Imlay is making another effort at residential conversion. Brownstoner heard word from a tipster that "the owners of 160 Imlay have been given the go ahead and already had plans figured out for?the giant decrepit building that mirrors the fixed up Christie’s warehouse. Apparently they do not intend to sell any of the spaces, but rent them out in the similar market price as [Greg] O’Connell’s with the Fairway building apartments."

Which closely mirrors the rumblings from the Curbediverse, circa 2008: "The original plan for the $90 million redevelopment of the six-story, 1911 New York Dock Company building was 144 condos on the top four floors, but a reliable Red Hook source tells us that the future may be rental." That was written four years ago, following a five year legal battle, so we're not sure what developer Bruce Batkin has up his sleeve this go-round. It's got to be more than the sidewalk shed permit currently on file. Hints, anyone?
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160 Imlay Street

160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231