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$12 Million for an Uncombined Combo at 1 Morton Square

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Things have been quiet over in the far West Village since the Olsen Twins finally left their never-lived-in and hard-to-sell penthouse at 1 Morton Square. But the condo castle still has dollar signs in its eyes. So we welcome to market #L6ABE, a penthouse combo unit asking $12 million. The catch: the apartments are not yet combined, and both have tenants in place, at least one until December 2012. So, uh, lots of time to consider those new architectural plans? The apartments are also being sold by different owners, who paid $1.975 million for #6BE in 2010 and $1,949,948 for #6AE in 2004. The combined condo would have a 4,200-square-foot interior, plus a 1,400-square-foot roof terrace.

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1 Morton Square

1 Morton Square, New York, NY 10014