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What Brooklyn's Most Valuable Townhouse Used to Look Like

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The townhouse at 40 Willow Place is Brooklyn's most valuable, with a city tax assessment of $6.14 million and a current ask of $7.5 million. We took a look inside the house last week, but the architect recently wrote in with some additional information. Contrary to the initial listing information, the house wasn't renovated by its original architects, Mary and Joseph Merz?they were involved as consultants to the renovation architect of record, Gerry Smith. Smith (who also worked with the LIC-based landscape designers Plant Specialists) pointed out that the original house was published in a 1966 issue of Architectural Record and passed along some photos. Take a look in the gallery above. What these owners asked for from Team Merz: "an outdoor playground for their children?and ample space for formal entertaining for themselves. On-site parking, a study, studio-guest room and garden were other special requests."
Here's what the rear facade?where the most significant changes to the house occurred?looked like when the current owners purchased it, before they got architects involved:

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And, for those who want to do as close to a side-by-side comparison as possible, here's the place now:

· Brooklyn's Most Valuable Townhouse Now Asking $7.5 Million [Curbed]

40 Willow Place

40 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY