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Going Halfsies on an Architect-ed Gramercy Park Mansion

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A private home with its own website? If you're trying to sell one if not both of that home's triplexes, then why the hell not. Entertainment CEO Eric Ellenbogan (former head of Marvel Comics) had a Greek Revival townhouse on Gramercy Park South renovated from head-to-toe by architect Michael Haverland when he bought the place in 1999, then sold the top three floors. Now he and that owner are both selling their shares in the building, the whole six-floor, 16-room and 7-bedroom shebang or one of the two units. The good news: a pricechop on both your houses, the single unit down to $9,995,000 and the entire building asking $21,995,000 down from the initial ask of $23.9 million.

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