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15 Union Square West Shows Off Its Latest Model Units

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Event: An Observer-hosted "fall soiree" in a couple of model units in 15 Union Square West.
In the House: Brokers and other real estate types.
Menu: We saw some drinks and mini-sandwiches making their way past us, but we didn't snag any, so we can't tell you what you were missing.
Gift Bag Contents: Not so much a gift bag as, not unexpectedly, a table full of Observer swag.
Soundtrack: Broker chatter. Some seemed to love the first-floor bedroom of #6E; others deemed it too small.
What We Saw: Two model units on the sixth floor. Some photos in the gallery above; pardon the party lighting.
The Skinny: We've talked a lot about what it's like to be outside looking in at 15 USW. So what about inside looking out? The bustle of Union Square was barely noticeable in the units we checked out, and the 15th Street entrance actually makes the crowds avoidable, at least some of the time. Sadly, we didn't get to see the swimming pool.
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