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Stanford Ups Applied Sciences Ante to $2.5 Billion

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Cornell may have the transparency thing down, but Stanford gets brownie points in the applied sciences campus battle for turning in its proposal two days ahead of the deadline. Not to mention all the glowing reviews from its alumni, like the founders of a little web start-up called Google. Points of interest: Stanford's 1.9-million-square-foot eco-friendly campus would cost $2.5 billion, not the previously reported $1 billion or the initial figure of $250 million (peanuts!). The 10-acre campus would open in 2016, housing 200 faculty and 2,000 students, and take 30 years to develop. In the meantime, StanfordNYC would partner with City College on an undergraduate entrepreneurship education program as well as a local K-12 school for a "community engagement program." And like the overachievers they are, the university's proposal was 600 pages long.
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