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All's Not Well When It Comes to Parking at DoBro's The Addison

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Wonder if our anonymous renter is reconsidering his decision to go with The Addison, one of three similarly-priced, amenity-heavy new rental buildings in Downtown Brooklyn. Maybe so, if he's trying to park the family Subaru! According to a tipster, the parking situation at 225 Schermerhorn Street is getting grim:

Resident gripes about the parking garage situation are getting louder at The Addison, Downtown Brooklyn's new starter-luxury-rental-homes. Spring move-ins were told that the underground garage (with essential direct elevator access up into the building) would open in July at the latest. It's still not open, with zero communication from building management. According to the doormen, some deals with third-party operators have come close to happening, but they've all fallen apart. Now (insert Game of Thrones voice) WINTER IS COMING, and the dream of snow-shielded and easily accesible parking is dying. Why doesn't the landlord just operate the garage? That's what residents are asking, more and more impatiently. Street parking in this part of Downtown Brooklyn is a mess due to the police station, courts and office buildings, and the other local lots and garages are charging more for a monthly spot than what Addison residents were told by the leasing agents parking in the building would cost. Rather smartly, nothing about the parking was written into the leases, so the burgeoning rebellion doesn't have a legal leg to stand on -- yet. Oh, the hazards of moving into new construction!
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The Addison

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