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NYU Reveals New Rendering for Downtown Brooklyn Campus

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The city's institutions of higher learnin' have been all over the headlines as they vie with universities elsewhere for a science campus somewhere within New York City. NYU is thinking about the now-on-the-market MTA headquarters at 370 Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn. But NYU has always had DoBro and its Polytechnic campus in its sights as part of its 2031 expansion plan, and the university is moving forward with that regardless of what happens at 370 Jay. McBrooklyn digs up some fresh renderings, above, from the NYU-Poly website. Shown are two possible designs of the new buildings NYU is thinking of adding to the MetroTech campus. The NYU 2031 DoBro page notes that the campus will be expanded "taking advantage of available air rights," something the renderings, well, very much affirm.
An earlier rendering of the NYU DoBro possibilities:

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