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Columbia Wants Science Campus, Too, But in Manhattanville

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Heads up, Stanford and Cornell?Columbia wants a shot at this applied sciences campus funding, too. The university submitted its bid yesterday, and unlike the other two schools, which are hoping to colonize Roosevelt Island, Columbia is sticking to the nabe it knows. The executive summary of the university's plan, spotted by DNAinfo, places its Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering within the already-in-progress Manhattanville expansion. The three-building institute would eventually expand to more than 1.1 million square feet, with a 600-student first phase to be finished by 2018.
So what would go in this institute? As per the report, "a New Media Center; Smart Cities Center; Health Analytics Center; Cybersecurity Center; and Financial Analytics Center." Other schools have offered lengthy proposals or SOM-designed renderings. Columbia's big selling point? "Construction and renovation of Columbia’s three proposed applied science and engineering buildings?will occur within an already active construction site for which all government approvals?including successful completion of New York City’s rigorous land use review process?now stand resolved."

Here's Columbia's science-y site plan:

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