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165 Charles Combo Offers to Unload Half for $6.8 Million

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The full-second-floor combo unit at 165 Charles Street, the last tower of Meierville, has proven a bit too rich for buyers' blood: despite the opportunity to hobnob with boldface name neighbors, no one's picked it up at either the original ask of $14 million or the slightly higher current ask of $14.5 million. Seller and starchitecture fan Michael Holtz's latest tactic: offering a slimmed-down version. That's two of Holtz's four apartments, not yet combined, for a potential 2,500-square-foot 3BR, 3BA and an ask of $6.8 million. Holtz paid a total of $9.9 million for all four of his 165 Charles apartments between 2005 and 2008, so we're not losing sleep over the sluggish pace of this resale.
The not-yet-combined two-unit combo:

The layout of the full four-pack:

· Listing: 165 Charles Street - Apt 1-3 [Corcoran]
· $14 Million for a Full Floor of Richard Meier's 165 Charles [Curbed]

165 Charles Street

165 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014