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Karl Fischer's Finger of Humboldt Sells for $9.275 Million

"If you need to drive on the BQE for your commute," one commenter noted when we discussed 480 Humboldt Street this summer, "you cannot beat this location?both ramps are within 100 feet." Are the property's new owners commuters? We don't know, but we also can't think of another way to justify the fact that the building just changed hands for $9.275 million, according to a deed that hit public record today. The Hot Karl Finger of Humboldt (formerly known as SkyHigh) went up for foreclosure auction in July with a minimum bid of $7 million. And the new owner (an LLC) will have a project on his/her hands right away: the 20-unit, 10-parking space building appears to need some repairs.
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