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Touring Williamsburg's Most Notorious; Howdy, Finger Building!

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This is on the way out of the building to North 8th entrance. Check out the mosaic tiles on the western wall.
This is on the way out of the building to North 8th entrance. Check out the mosaic tiles on the western wall.

[All photos by Will Femia.]

Finger Building has all 41 of its units listed and is ready to show off its softer, GFI-ed side: the Ace Hotel developers have all but finished the interior public spaces with the help of interior design firm Curated. Corcoran took us on a tour of a two-bedroom model unit (#3B, $845,000) last week to celebrate.

The formerly Scarano-ed site could have been a menacing 260' tall, but GFI kept the building, now 14 instead of 16 stories, under 200'. Still, it's by far the tallest thing in Williamsburg that's not on the waterfront, and the views prove it: upper floors (like #PH1A pictured above, $1,750,000) get a panaroma stretching from the Bronx to the Verrazano Bridge. The lower floors aren't lacking, either; the second, third and fourth floor units look directly onto the grass lawn (interspersed with wildflower beds) planted across the entire first-story structure reaching out to North 7th, Berry, and North 8th Streets.

The lawn is insanely thick and verdant, the sort of coddling, sweet-dreams-inducing amenity that makes even a Williamsburg condo building fit in the luxury category. Ditto the mix of finishes that might be overwhelming if not for the dark neutral color palette: gray domino tiles, dark gray hexagon bathroom flooring, ebony cork wall finish, matte black kitchen hardware, graphic tiling for the lobby, glossy black wainscoting. The overall effect is much quieter and hotel-like than the typical glass-box towers dotted around the Bedford L stop. As for the neighbors who protested the former albatross of north Brooklyn? A few of the surrounding third- and fourth-floor residents are now enjoying lawn views; as for the ones now boxed in by the development: at least the construction noise is over?
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