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Private Bronx Island Sells for $176,000, No Changes Planned

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The two-week window in which to buy Rat Island, the disturbingly-named 2.5-acre parcel between City Island and Hart's Island in the Bronx, has officially closed. The auction took place yesterday, and broker-blogger Malcolm Carter reports that the hunk o' rock sold for $176,000 (including a 10 percent buyer's premium). The buyer was Alex Schibli, a retired Port Authority employee and City Island resident who swims to Rat Island regularly. In fact, he's already in the habit of cleaning up after people who have parties there, he tells the Post. (Now he's also entitled to yell, "Get off my island!") He plans to keep the island as-is?with a possible name change?for his family to use. Which is just as well, since the rocky sometimes-underwater island presents quite the building challenge.
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