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Rooftop Penthouse Addition Driving Park Slope Neighbors Batty

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The latest controversy rocking Park Slope to the core is over a proposed penthouse addition to a one-family limestone mansion at 627 3rd Street off of Prospect Park West. The property last sold in 2010 for $3.3 million and the new owners totally need more than the 4,200 square feet the architect allotted, so they called in Indiana-based Rowland Design to help out in the form of a rooftop protuberance. There's a stop-work order until it's resolved at an LPC meeting tomorrow. Meanwhile, a disgruntled neighbor writes to Brownstoner with details:

"It is 20 feet wide (sitting on party walls of 625 and 629), 9 feet to 14 feet high and 24 feet long. It is obviously quite massive, but this is only a wooden mockup for LPC’s review; the final would be brick and limestone. Notice that our chimney would disappear into the new wall and would reappear in mini form 15 feet closer to the front of the house. The last picture is taken from PPW on the park side. The mass and size of the structure makes it appear that it is sitting on the roof of the first house, but in reality it is the third house down!!"
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