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Can East Village Co-op Check Visitor IDs at the Door?

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Restrictions on who's allowed in are a given for co-op buildings, but what about the latest board policy at this Curbed reader's East Village building, which is now requiring ID and a sign-in from all visitors? Our advice-seeker begs the assistance of the Curbed hive mind.

The board in my building just started a new policy where visitors to the building must show ID, and sign a form detailing the name, apartment visiting, length of visit. I find this quite disturbing. This is for all visitors. One of the doormen, mentioned that they think its because an apartment owner is renting out the apartment as a short term rental online. Where they have the doorman hand a key to the "visitor" then when the person leaves a cleaning person comes the next day and so on.

Is it legal to ask for ID for visitors? I can understand making someone who is picking up a key from the doorman sign something. But for all visitors, this is ridiculous. What are the general policies of doorman buildings in the city? Help a Curbedizen out with some armchair legal advice, folks!
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