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UES Townhouse Attempts $10 Million Heat-Friendly Flip

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In 2009, a bright and sunny single-family brick townhouse on East 80th between Lexington and Third Avenues sold for a respectable $4.9 million, down from its ask at $5,495,000. That townhouse is now on the market a scanty two years later at Sotheby's for $14,585,000 following a head-to-toe renovation by Daniel Frisch Architecture. Those renovations included "horizontal and vertical enlargement" listed on the permit granted in 2010, which translates to a new fifth floor with front and rear terraces, a completely reconfigured floorplan, and a bluestone back garden with built-in BBQ. Still, if a $10 million increase in two years sounds like a lot, consider this over-the-top feature: heated front garden and sidewalks. Gotta recoup that money hemorrhage somehow!
· Listing: 161 East 80th Street [Sotheby's]