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What Should NYC Do With Its Empty Islands?

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Now that Alex Schibli is having the time of his life kayak-cruising around his newly owned and soon to be renamed island, we're wondering why more folks haven't hopped on the name-your-own-NYC-island deal, especially when the city is literally filled with 'em. In fact, all five boroughs house a number of islands, ranging from teensy-sized to a little bit larger than teensy-sized. Only a handful however, are actually being used–or inhabited, for that matter. And since Schibli purchased his little getaway for only $160K, it seems like much more can be done with these ultra blank slates of property.
Stuart Miller and Sharon Seitz, co-authors of The Other Islands of New York City have some island-y ideas in mind: build a water park, open up a gallery or concert venue, mayhaps? The authors' told the Daily News that rehabilitating the islands "would be a great challenge–and a great achievement–for a city intent on remaking its physical landscape for the 21st century." Yes indeed. And with some smart designs, along with a couple docks and solar panels, these islands could be in shipshape for some serious all-year round fun. So who's gonna be first to turn no-man's-land into yet another NYC destination spot, and when?
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