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Time-Travel to the Storefronts of 1982 With New Photo Archive

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Nostalgic for the retail options on the Upper West Side of 1982? Photographer Daniel Weeks will either help that?or make it worse. Weeks spent the summer of 1982 putting together a block-by-block photo survey of New York City's streets, with the pictures taken by a photographer sitting on top of (naturally) a VW bus. Their proposed directory of Manhattan storefronts never materialized, but now Weeks is trying again online. He's in the process of scanning his images, and West Side Rag has a few comparisons of the UWS of 1982 to the UWS of today. Weeks is currently adding midtown photos to the mix. A fun stopgap until we actually get that time machine.
· Official site: Street View 1982 []
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