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Abandoned Public School Remade as Affordable Artist Housing

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Long-abandoned P.S. 109—a Gothic Revival building turned "eyesore" after it was vacated 15 years ago—is bringing a new look to East 99th Street: 90 affordable apartments "for artists and their families" (between $550 and $1,100 a month) that will include 10,000 square feet of pubic space for arts groups. The $50 million project to rehab the dilapidated 1898 structure into a development called El Barrio's Artspace is backed by Minnesota non-profit Artspace with local outfit El Barrio's Operation Fightback. After five years of delay, DOB permits were filed this summer and construction is expected to start in December, with a completion date of 2013.
· 'Eyesore' School to Be Transformed Into Affordable Housing [DNAInfo]