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Finger Building's New Neighbor Gets Dirty

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

With all the talk about Finger this and The Albero that, it's easy to see how other construction sites equally close to the teeming mass at the Bedford L stop coule be overlooked. Case in point: 154 North 7th Street, soon to be another mixed-use property in North Brooklyn's most oft-maligned neighborhood. No 14-story towers, here, however: according to a permit issued by the NYC Department of Buildings, the 18-unit structure will top out at four floors, the typical zoning height for the area. The design permits list architecture firm Miele Associates, who, if its project page is any indication, tend to specialize in the McMansioning of Queens.

Fancy, huh?
-Jeremiah Budin
· Building permits: 154 North 7th Street [Department of Buildings]