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Gretch Penthouse Film Shoot Pits Neighbor vs. Neighbor

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South Williamsburg loft building the Gretsch is no stranger to controversy, whether it be over lobby art displays or curbing dogs near the building's tree pits. The latest resident-enraging thing going at the Gretsch? A film shoot in the 11th- and 12th-floor penthouses. One Gretsch-dweller writes in to the tipline:

[The penthouse residents] have contracted out to a stupid french film company shooting for 3 weeks in the bldg?.not only are they hogging every possible space on broadway with cc rentals, but they have taken up an office in someone's apt on 9. the elevator is stuck on 12 so the homeowners are stuck waiting and waiting?.the workers for the company are jerks, they curse out the homeowners in the elevators and we are stuck with this for 3 weeks. Hey, a movie's probably one of the easier ways to fund ownership of a pricey penthouse! We got in touch with building management for their response.
The Gretsch is a production friendly building, we are being appropriately compensated for the use of common area's by the production filming in the building. Accordingly during peak hours of resident egress we have made our freight elevator accessible to all floors to ease congestion. The production crew has been very amiable in working around our peak hours and keeping impact to a minimum. At some point yesterday, there was also a memo dispatched to residents?and it doesn't sound like it's just the freight elevator in use now:

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Gretsch Building

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