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The Dakota's Priciest Three-Bedroom Lowers Its Expectations

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Have the discrimination allegations at the Dakota made it harder on sellers in the legendary building? Three months ago, apartment #54 sold for just $4 million, down from an initial high of $7.5 million. Now #67, a 3,600-square-footer that was the building's priciest 3BR when it hit the market in May for $15 million, has been PriceChopped down to $12.5 million. That's 16 percent, or $2.45 million, off. Not too challenging a move for the Chopper, given that it was already downstairs: the price on unit #46 was cut 6 percent in late September, to a new ask of $15.5 million. As PriceChops go, it was a small one?but a steep drop from the original $19.5 million ask of fall 2006. How the mighty have fallen.
The floorplan for #67, now $12.5M:

And the floorplan for #46:

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