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Anderson Cooper Shows a Handsome Face on West 3rd

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The last time we looked Anderson Cooper and crew had stripped off a century of paint from the upper floors of his little old firehouse in Greenwich Village. Back then everything down at street level was still painted over in shiny red and white. But now that's gone and the natural bricks are back. Over the arched entryway, a freshly-scrubbed terra cotta bust of Vulcan keeps an eye on passers-by. This is all part of the massive makeover that AC undertook after he bought the 1906 Fire Patrol No. 2 for a sizzling $4.3 million. Then he hired architect Cary Tamarkin to spruce it all up, and promised to keep lots of the historic old bits intact. Now, despite a hiccup along the way, the restorative renovation is nearly complete.
The word on the street is that the 4-floor interior, with original spiral staircases and brass fire poles, has been fitted out in granite and assorted stone, with lots of wood exposed. Inside there's 8,997 square feet to play with, so no doubt Cary and Cooper have come up with some homey touches, too. Records on file with the Department of Buildings show that an elevator has been added, which required some boring work and soil tests, all documented with pages of hand-done drawings of the dirty work.
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84 West 3rd Street

84 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012