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Townhouse Twin Tour Reveals Back Terrace, Period Details

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Our favorite East Village townhouse twins went under the knife last month, asking $12.95 million for the pair, down from an original ask of $17.8 million. Listing agent Rubicon held an open house last night, so we stopped by at dusk (and again this morning for good measure) for all the eye-popping Anglo-Italianate twindom we could handle.

The good news: preservation-minded buyers will be into the period details like fancy crown molding, original staircase, 18 working fireplaces, and the location inside the St. Marks Historic District, across the street from Renwick Triangle (named after the townhouses' own architect, James Renwick). The bad news: sold separately or together, 123 and 125 East 10th Street are in need of some renovation TLC. No. 123 has virtually no kitchen (the refrigerator is currently located in a different room than the makeshift sink and counter set-up), the bathrooms could use some attention, and the rooftop is only accessible via a narrow ship's ladder. The not-so bad news: its pre-renovation state means that the $1,500-per-square-foot for the two combined townhouses is much lower than renovated properties nearby, like 20 East 10th, a 25-footer that recently sold at $2,800-per-square-foot.
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