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Living the Smoky Life on the A Line in New York by Gehry

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Superlatively tall and pricey though the building may be, the renters who occupy New York by Gehry are just like us. They can't get their packages 24/7, instead having to follow the hours of an outside vendor. And now some of them are dealing with the smell of cigarette smoke in their units. One anonymous resident of 8 Spruce Street tells all:

an entire line (A line) of apartments in 8 spruce have been experiencing heavy cigarette smoke almost constantly in our apartments?.It has been over a month and nothing has been done. I know myself and multiple other residents are looking into our options, including breaking our lease, and we have already consulted an attorney (who advised us similar cases have gone to court and the resident has been favored). I dont think a lap pool and 8th floor outdoor viewing terrace are worth living in a ashtray for, and im not entirely sure i realized how barren and filthy the immediate area surrounding the building are. We reached out to building management to find out more, and building reps tell us management's working on the problem.
The usual smoke-fighting procedure:

So, the procedure with regard to complaints about cigarette smoke odor is for management to locate the unit where smoking is occurring and ask that the tenant install a smoke purifier, which they have done in the past and which has resolved the problem. Management is following the same procedure and expect the same result in this instance. In the meantime, at least that terrace is a place to take a few lungfuls?

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