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Bon Jovi Wants to Sell $24M Soho Penthouse?for $45M

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Jon Bon Jovi paid a cool $24 million for a duplex penthouse at 158 Mercer Street's New Museum building in 2007. Those dollars bought him 7,400 square feet, with "terraces of unparalleled proportions," a laundry room, two kitchens, an "enormous elevator," and some equally enormous arched windows. (Check out the c. 2007 floorplan above.) But we've got no idea what the place looks like now, because Bon Jovi apparently gave it a multimillion-dollar renovation. With that finished, he's ready for something new: the Post reports that he's quietly trying to sell the place. For $45 million. That's a renovation we'd like to see?anyone got pics?
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158 Mercer Street

158 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012