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Astor Apartment Finally Sells for $21 Million, With a $25M Discount

Well, it looks like the saga might finally be over. The Post is reporting that Brooke Astor's 778 Park Avenue pad sold for a meager $21,000,000 after first arriving on the market for $46,000,000 back in 2008. The implications of this are earth shattering. Have the venerable uptown giants gone the way of the Greek Titans, banished to the realm of thick discounts by the likes of buildings like 15 Central Park West? Maybe. Maybe not. We do know that this apartment was a fixer upper and had an odd layout, so that definitely kept the place from commanding the ask. The deal hasn't closed yet, so we're not going to say that everything is locked down, because we all know what happened to that wealthy Swiss businessman who got snubbed by the co-op board.

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778 Park Avenue

778 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021