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Third Section of High Line Is On The Docket, On Google Maps

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Good news from the High Line pipeline today: all the stakeholders have now pledged allegiance to the development of Section Three, the allée from West 30th to West 34th Street. Private rail company CSX Transportation (which still owns the High Line) has officially agreed to donate this last remaining section to the City of New York, and the city in turn struck an official deal with with the state and Related Companies to "preserve the entire historic structure of the High Line at the West Side Rail Yards, including the spur over 10th Avenue." Meaning Related will not tear it down when building up Hudson Yards. Maybe all it took was a $20 million nudge in the ribs?

In the annals of more instant gratification, we have Googleblog's awesome news that the High Line is now viewable in Google Maps, so you can enjoy the decade-long fruits of its development right from your laptop.

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